Our Special Village Online Training Center

This space is dedicated to families, professionals, individuals with disabilities, and current employees who are looking for more out of their lives.  This is a place to learn and share our experiences.

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Break Free of Your Bully Boss

Learn to survive your toxic workplace while crafting an exit plan.  Make your dreams a reality!

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Stop Being Invisible

Our Collaboration with Dr. William Lane.  Please stay tuned for our online courses, coaching, and podcast!

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Our Special Village Specials

Our ongoing courses and workshops in collaboration with other professionals and families in the community.  Stay tuned!

Call To Action

A Space for Families, Professionals and  People with Disabilities

Learning, sharing, and making progress in the advancement of rights towards an egalitarian world.

Empowering the Work Force

Creating and building futures so that everyone can achieve their goals and dreams and be successful doing so!

Don't Wait Any Longer!

Do you want to be part of the change?  Do you want to build a better future for yourself and others?  Explore what Our Special Village has to offer.

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